10 quick remedies for a sore throat

Use your pantry staples!

10 quick remedies for a sore throat

No one wants to fall prey to a sore throat! Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply go to your fridge or pantry to find relief? Well, you can! Many natural sore throat remedies are staples you probably have on hand.

1. Saltwater gargle

Gargling with saltwater is a tried-and-true method to relieve sore throat pain. Gargle with this mixture every three hours to achieve the best results. As an added benefit, gargling with saltwater can help flush out the virus causing your sore throat.

2. Warm and cold fluids

Have something to drink. Cold drinks, ice cubes, and popsicles reduce pain by lowering the temperature of the throat’s nerve endings. When you consume a warm drink, on the other hand, salivation increases. This increases lubrication and makes your throat feel better.

3. Rest

Your body is using its energy to fight off an infection or irritation. If you have a sore throat and want to rest, do so in an elevated position. Try propping yourself up with pillows or using a reclining chair.

4. Honey

Honey has been valued for centuries for its antibacterial properties. Make a soothing drink by stirring 2 Tbsp (30 mL) honey into a cup of tea or warm water. Remember, though, that honey is not to be given to infants under one year of age.

5. Hot sauce

Capsaicin, which is found in peppers used to make hot sauce, can help reduce pain by fighting the inflammation of a sore throat. Get sore throat relief from hot sauce by mixing a few drops of it in warm water and gargling.

6. Lemon

Lemon has vitamin C, which is thought to be effective in fighting infections. Lemon water can help reduce inflammation, and it can help break up the mucus that might be irritating your throat.

7. Chicken soup

Like a warm drink, chicken soup can break up the mucus in your throat to help ease your discomfort. It will also help to keep you hydrated. Chicken soup can be a good source of nutrients too, which is helpful when you’re not feeling well.

8. Tea

Many herbal teas offer anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which help in soothing and healing a sore throat. There are a number that you can choose from to help reduce sore throat irritation, such as peppermint or chamomile.

9. Humidity and steam

Dry air can cause congestion, dry skin, a dry nose, itchy eyes, and throat irritation. One way to ease and help lubricate your sore throat is to have a warm shower. You can add moisture to the air in your home by using a vaporizer or humidifier.

10. Zinc

Studies show that zinc lozenges can help you kick a cold faster, including shortening the severity and duration of symptoms like sore throat. For best results, take zinc supplements within 24 hours of the onset of cold symptoms.

Written by Anna Sylvia