Wondrous walks to try

Discover the beauty and health benefits

Wondrous walks to try

Who says that walking has to be boring? The truth is, walking can be whatever we want it to be: fun and exciting, relaxing and soul-nourishing, social, or even a great workout. For a change of pace, consider one of these creative walk ideas.


Sometimes we focus on scenery but pay less attention to our other senses. Take a walk with natural sounds in mind. Plan a walk that features sounds such as waves or birds, and immerse yourself in your beautiful-sounding surroundings.

Labyrinth walks

Commonly mistaken for mazes, labyrinths don’t have dead ends. Instead, there is only one path to walk, which leads to the center and then back again. Many people find the ancient practice of labyrinth walking calming and meditative. Look online to find a labyrinth near you.

Nordic walking

Walking with poles originated as a summer training regimen for cross-country skiers. Now people all over the world employ Nordic walking poles to help them use more muscles and burn more calories than with regular walking. As an added bonus, the poles help stabilize walkers.

Litter cleanup walks

Make an already eco-friendly practice even more eco-friendly, and earn some good karma in the process by picking up litter on your neighborhood walks. (Safety first! Use protective equipment and don’t pick up anything dangerous.)

Guided nature walks

A wonderful way to learn more about the plants and animal species near you is a guided nature walk. Look for programs offered by your local community center, nature center, or botanical garden. You may even be able to get involved in restoration initiatives and invasive species removal.

Walks for charity

Don’t feel like running a 5 K for charity? No problem! Many charity walks exist across the country. Grab some friends or create a workplace team and fundraise while walking for a great cause—and having fun.

Historical, architectural, or cultural walks

Many of us enjoy guided historical, architectural, or cultural walks on vacations, such as when we’re exploring a new city. But what about at home? There’s a good chance you’ll learn something new and have a fantastic time on a walking tour in your city.

Forest bathing walks

The Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku (translated into English as “forest bathing”) means fully immersing oneself in the forest to reap the healing benefits of nature. It’s about being present and mindful, taking in the atmosphere of the forest, and it can be deeply restorative.

Geocaching walks

Geocaching is a hobby that involves using GPS coordinates to find hidden items called “geocaches.” Think of it as a treasure hunt, but with more technology.

Walk and talk

Bring the benefits of walking to your workplace with walking meetings! Suggest the idea to your supervisor as a fun way to boost creative problem-solving, collaboration, and healthy fun as a team.


By Leah Payne