How to reconnect with nature

Discover the joy of the season

How to reconnect with nature

Seasonal living offers a way to rekindle our relationships with nature. In the process, we can uncover the joy and beauty in the natural world hidden in plain sight all around us.

What is seasonal living?

Humans used to live in a way that was innately more in touch with the seasons; indeed, many people around the world still do. Living in a way that is consciously connected to the seasons can be an intentional lifestyle choice through mindful daily practices.

Benefits of seasonal living may include

  • improved mood and reduced stress due to spending time in nature
  • increased feelings of interconnectedness with the natural world and our place in it
  • the chance to slow down, reflect, and live in a more mindful, intentional way

Seasonal living, every day

There are myriad ways to live seasonally, and as always, it’s important to do what works for you. Here are a few ideas to help inspire you.

Your kitchen

Choosing local and seasonal food is one way in which we can eat in a more eco-friendly way, support our communities, and foster relationships with local farmers and food businesses.

Simply start incorporating more locally grown in-season foods when possible, whether it’s from your own little garden or a store. Ask questions and chat with vendors at your local farmers’ market or the produce experts at your local health food store to learn more about the foods and how to cook them, as well as how they’re grown or produced.

You can also incorporate mindfulness and gratitude practices into your mealtimes. Sunshine, water, and soil nourish the plants that, in turn, nourish us. Before eating, reflect on your food, its journey to your dinner plate, and the resources involved.

Your decor

Bring the outdoors in by incorporating some of the following suggestions.

  • houseplants
  • local, seasonal flowers
  • natural materials, such as acorns, chestnuts, pinecones, feathers, or driftwood
  • opening the windows for fresh air
  • making a seasonal garland with leaves or flowers

Your daily routine

Ask yourself: how can I fit in more time in nature? Maybe wander into your yard or outdoor space in the morning to feel the dew on your toes and listen to the birds, or in the evening to smell the cool air and see the moon. Notice how these experiences change through the year. You may also wish to practice yoga or meditate outside on a regular basis.

Your celebrations

Celebrating the changing of seasons can be a joyful and meaningful addition to any holidays you currently celebrate. Many people observe such dates as the autumnal equinox, the winter solstice, the spring equinox, and the summer solstice with nature-based celebrations. Celebrations can be communal (such as hosting a family dinner party or taking part in a community event) or individual (such as a walk in the woods or some quiet meditation or journaling).

Written by Leah Payne