No gym? No problem! Time to quaran-tone

Find the fun in home fitness

No gym? No problem! Time to quaran-tone

Media inundates our lives, not only with news about impending doom, but also with “influencers” inspiring or shaming about what should or shouldn’t be achieved while socially distancing. Shame is an awful motivator. Fun is the ignition.

Human nature

Studies show that during times of stress, people not only eat “comfort” foods (higher sugar, salt, and fat content), but they also eat more food. Why is this important to us? If we don’t elevate our activity levels and monitor the types of food we consume, we could end up with serious health conditions down the road. So, how should we eat, and how should we move to stay fit?

What would you bring with you to eat on a desert (not dessert) island?

Your body wants sugar; your body also wants fat. There’s no denying it. Conventional fitness advice tells us your body needs protein. So who do you think is going to win this tug-o’-war? Don’t bet against your body.

While excessive consumption of sugar and/or fats, in relation to high calorie diets is rightly villainized, research shows that there is little effect on overall health when they are consumed in moderation. This means you can give your body sugar and fat—but everything in moderation!

That said, there is developing research that shows a strong correlation between diet and psychological well-being; in other words, if you eat junk, you feel like junk. Get in touch (but no touching!) with a local dietician or your local natural health store to see what supports are in place to get you on track.

Fun-ctional Fitness

If you can perform your current fitness routine in a semi-conscious state, or you are intimidated by conventional exercises, check out these three effective F-word (fun!)-worthy exercises.

Barrel Roll Lunges

3 sets of 8 repetitions per leg

Muscles targeted: core, quads, glutes, hamstrings

  • Crouch down on your toes with your hands flat on the ground.
  • As you pick up your left hand and left foot, sit your bum on the ground and roll from your right cheek to your left.
  • Swing your right foot all the way around so that you’re facing the same position as when you started and place it flat on the ground.
  • With your left foot back (here comes the lunge!) stand all the way up, using mostly your right leg.
  • Return to starting position doing the opposite, and then perform going the other direction.

Windmill Push & Dip

3 sets of 8 repetitions

Muscles targeted: triceps, shoulders, chest, glutes, hamstrings

  • Assume a push-up position (from your toes if you can, or knees if necessary).
  • Perform one push-up and then pick up your left foot from the ground, bringing it overtop your right leg, while allowing your hips to open up to the ceiling.
  • Once your left foot touches the ground, allow your chest to open up to the ceiling as well, by bringing your left arm over your body and to the ground, much in the same manner as your leg.
  • Bend your arms and dip until your bum touches the ground, then straighten your arms and press your hips up as high as you can toward the ceiling
  • Return to push-up position, and then complete in the other direction.

Human Torpedo

3 sets of 15 repetitions

Muscles targeted: lower back, glutes, lats, shoulders

  • Begin face down, arms extended in front of you with your thumbs up, and legs as wide-apart as possible, with toes pointed behind.
  • Raise your chest, arms, and legs off the ground until only your stomach is touching.
  • Keeping all limbs straight, swim your arms down to your sides and bring your legs together.
  • Return to starting position, but don’t allow your arms, legs, or chest to touch the ground.
  • Perform as many as you can without touching the ground.